The Wildcatter: To Trump or not to Trump?

Happy Monday! Welcome to The Wildcatter, where we’re dealing with a subject that I wrote about surprisingly little while on the full-time state politics beat in Wyoming: Donald Trump. Who loves Donald the most? One interesting, if now trite, phenomenon in Republican politics since November 2016 has been the degree to which otherwise respectable GOP politicians and elected officials are willing to debase themselves to show Donald Trump fealty. I don’t mean that as any kind of partisan commentary on the Trump administration’s policies — most of which are well within the Republican mainstream — but rather that any serious businessperson or successful politician knows that Trump is neither of those things. Again, that’s less value judgement than fact: Trump appears to have little understanding of most of the policies his administration carries out, he regularly makes contradictory and confusing statements and takes serious action on seeming whimsy. His track record in business was marked by multiple bankruptcies, credible accusations of fraud and successes that seemed more based on leveraging his public persona (see “The Apprentice”) into lucrative licensing deals, than any meaningful acumen in real estate. All that is true even if you genuinely support everything the Trump administration is doing, don’t mind the norms that the president is violating and believe that his presidency is a net benefit for the nation.

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